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The Sispro Virtual Router™ is Sispro entry level router designed for low-cost, small form-factor premise installations where ethernet, sync serial, T1/E1,BGP, and demanding ethernet applications connections are required. The Sispro Router provides a 1U 19-inch steel rackmount chassis with embedded main board, high-performance memory, two 10/100/1000 ethernet ports, and one PCI expansion slots.

Each onboard GigE and the 1 PCIe x16 G2 port has a dedicated bus for high throughput in demanding applications with pure VoIP and other small packet traffic. Sispro Router include the performance of Intel® Xeon® 3400 series processors, DDR3 memory, e-SATA external storage expandability, and enterprise-class manageability in an ultra-compact 15.5” deep chassis.

The PCI expansion slots accept Series network cards with ethernet, sync serial, T1/E1, E3, and analog FXO/FXS. With these add-on cards, the Sispro Router can connect different data and voice networks using a wide range of communications standards.

The base Sispro Router is guaranteed to route 4 sync serial two, 4 T1/E1 circuits at wire speed, or more than 100 Mbps full duplex with 64-byte packets over ethernet.

The Sispro Router takes advantage of the Linux distribution, which provides support for NAT firewall security, IPsec and SSL virtual private networks (VPNs), quality of service (QoS), VoIP Gateway and SoftPBX, VLAN tagging, VRRP for LAN failover, dynamic routing, packet filtering, bridging, peer-to-peer traffic control and link bonding. With the optional hard drive, the Sispro Router also supports Web caching and voicemail.

The Sispro Router can be used by service providers at the edge or as customer premise. Businesses can deploy the Sispro Router as an Internet gateway or WAN router with firewall security, VPN support, and VoIP gateway/SoftPBX services. The Sispro Router delivers superior performance and reliability in a low-cost 1U package that can be used where most Cisco 2800, 3800, and 7200 series routers are used. The Sispro Router is lowest cost router for high-speed multihomed networks, T1/E1 premise installations, and many other midrange networking applications.

IPv4 / IPv6 Routing BGP, OSPF, RIPv2 and Static Routes.
IP Address  Management Static, DHCP Server, DHCP Client
Layer  2 Encapsulation Ethernet, 802.1Q VLANs, PPP, PPPoE, Frame Relay (FRF.12), MLPPP y HDLC
Firewall Stateful Inspection Firewall, P2P Filtering, Packet filtering, ICMP Type Filtering, Network Address Translation (1:1 & 1: many), Port forwarding
Tunneling / VPN Site to Site VPN (IPSec), Remote Access (OpenVPN Client).
Drivers WAN -   10/100Mbps - 1Gbps Ethernet Interfaces, Synchronous/Asynchronous Serial Interfaces, E1/T1 V.35, G.703 Interfaces, Voice Interface Card FXS, FXO
Políticas QoS Priority Queuing, Class Based Queuing, Bandwidth limiting, FIFO and Traffic Shaping, Packet Marking (DiffServ) by interface, sub interface, protocol, port, MAC Address and IP Address
High Availability VRRP, MLPPP
Administration and authentication WEB User Interface, CLI, Telnet, SSHv2 / SSH Public Key, y Single Configuration File, On-line & off-line upgrades, NTP
Diagnostic & Logging SNMPv2c, SNMPv3, tcpdump, Netflow / sFlow, Integrated CLI, Wireshark Packet Capture, Serial Loopback Commands y Syslog
Additional Features VoIP gateway and SoftPBX

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